Writing Portfolio



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Guaraldi, Rachel (2015) Compassionate Spiritual Care. Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services Advocate, Somerville, MA. 2015

Guaraldi, Rachel (2015) Returning Home Changed. Friends Journal, Philadelphia, PA. 2015

Book Chapters

Philip Caroom, Rachel Guaraldi, Ann Riggs, “Lord, Make My Troubles Light: A Historical and Spiritual Reflection on Quaker Work in Prisons" in Thinking Theologically about Mass Incarceration:  Biblical Foundations and Justice Imperatives, Edited by Antonios Kireopoulos, Mitzi J. Budde & Matthew D. Lundberg. National Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission Theological Series. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, November 2017.

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Black, G., Klos, Z., Reddy, C., Stacy, R. (Ed) (2005).  Whispers of Faith: Young Friends Share Their Experiences of QuakerismPhiladelphia, Quaker Press.


Stacy, Rachel. (2011) “Touring Jordan: A Quaker Perspective” Friends Journal Blog. Rebecca Howe (Ed.) Philadelphia, PA

Stacy, Rachel (2011) Quaker Universalist Blog. Edited by Committee. Various locations. www.universalistfriends.org


Stacy, Rachel. (2011) “Imagining Change: Transforming Narratives of Violence to Non-Violence” Earlham School of Religion Thesis. Richmond, IN

Stacy, Rachel. (2008). Keynote Address at the 2008 Annual Gathering. Friends World Committee for Consultation. Waycross Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, Morgantown, IN

Stacy, Rachel. (2007) Convergent Friends: An Introduction. Senior Research Paper (Presented April 2007 at Earlham College). Published online by C. Wess Daniels (Ed.)


Stacy, Rachel (2013) Divine Ecology: Locating Quakerism within the Ecosystem of God. Beacon Hill Friends House, Boston, MA

Stacy, Rachel. (2011) “Group Facilitation Guidelines” and “Lesson #4: Visioning the Future” Congregational Study Guide to a Christian Understanding of War in an Age of Terrorism. Jordan Blevins (Ed.) Washington D.C.: National Council of Churches in Christ in the USA

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