Transition Rituals and Care

End of Life Midwifery and Vigils

My work in Interfaith Chaplaincy and Elder-Care has cultivated in me a passion in creating dignified experiences and sacred spaces for those at the end of life. From the simplest of blessings to complex rituals and memorial services, the creativity available to support people have the dying experience they most wish is limitless. My daily work in palliative & hospice chaplaincy gives me the privilege to walk with many families and patients through the dying process and I am honored to support families in the creation of something deeply meaningful. 

Other Transition Rituals

Coming of age rituals like fire-sits or wilderness solos can offer space for deep reflection and personal transformation. Blessingways, Mother blessings and other Spiritually-based showers and retreats can be a beautiful way to honor the coming of a baby or a new marriage.  Transition care, for the challenges of all kinds of transitions, like marriage, divorce, having a baby, losing a baby, loss of a loved one, celebration of an anniversary, etc. can support and nurture you through that time. This work pairs my gifts and skills in spiritual caregiving and my love for creating authentic unique ritual.