Legacy Design

My work in Interfaith Chaplaincy and Eldercare has cultivated in me a passion in creating dignified experiences and sacred spaces for those at the end of life. Legacy Design is the work of assisting people in creating by video, audio, or written messages for their family and loved ones for after their death. This work is rooted in the theories of Dignity Therapy, Living Wills, and 5 Wishes. The process may include time to organize and map out the message, filming, recording or writing out the message and then collaborative editing & revision.  The final product is presented in a beautiful box along with scripted or typed instructions that the client wants left for their family. 

Legacy Design can be a beautiful way to pass on messages, memories, and values to the next generation. If you are interested in the process of Legacy Design, please contact me for an initial consultation. Examples of my video, audio and written work can be found in my portfolio

Please note: This work is not legal in nature and does not include the development of wills, health care proxies or Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. Guidance in these areas is available through referrals to appropriate resources.